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Our bartenders will bring along a full bar kit that includes shakers, strainers, pourers, etc. to make sure that they can make all your favorite drinks (please note that this does not include any equipment that requires power, such as margarita machines, blenders, power chords, etc.). For a full list of equipment, you may also visit our staff house rules. Furthermore, they will come approximately 1 hour before the event (or at the agreed upon setup time) in order to begin service at the listed start time. We offer a bar menu consultation to help you decide what drinks to serve and a shopping list specifically calculated for your event (these services are available upon request).



All other staff will arrive at the agreed-upon setup time stated on the service agreement.


Our servers, if booked, can help with most tasks throughout the event to keep things running smoothly, including clearing tables, serving plated dishes, throwing trash, passing trays, etc. Please note that our servers are not cooks, so they should not be involved in any food handling, such as cooking, or food prep, which would require a FoodHandlers card. If our staff is asked to perform any cooking tasks, Barspirit and its employees are released from any liability associated with said task, including foodborne illnesses and the client takes full responsibility and liability. Furthermore, our staff is able to help with cleanup, but should not be utilized as a cleaning crew or be asked to complete cleaning crew tasks, including, but not limited to cleaning bathrooms, mopping, or washing dishes. The client is always responsible for providing the staff with the necessary tools and equipment to complete the tasks requested.



If booked, our bar rental includes a 6' bar table as well as a back bar with black linens.


Ice tubs are available for rent and they are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

We carry a $2,000,000 general liability and a $1,000,000 liquor liability policy, of which we can provide you with a COI with. For higher limits needed please contact us before booking.


The deposit is to guarantee the attendance of our staff for the agreed date and time frame to perform services and policies noted in your agreement. If in any case, Barspirit can no longer guarantee services to your event, Barspirit will immediately notify you and either find a legitimate replacement service provider or refund the deposited amount fully. On any occasion that an event unexpectedly halts or service is cut short, the balance due will still be paid in full.

All payments (except for gratuity outside of the estimate) are to be made to Barspirit. Please note that upon payment of the security deposit, your card will be saved on file. You will still be responsible for making the balance payment on time to avoid any late fees. 

The balance payment's due date is stated above in the agreement. Please note that if the invoice is not paid in full by that time Barspirit may choose to forfeit your security deposit and cancel your booking. Barspirit will attempt to charge the card on file on the date of the balance due date. If you do not receive a receive a receipt of this transaction please contact us immediately.

For any bookings through a third party, such as GigSalad or TheBash where payments are collected on that third party platform, we will request a credit card to be put on file for any additional charges such as overtime or parking reimbursements. By signing the service agreement and completing the booking you explicitly agree that your card will be saved on file.


Any changes to a confirmed booking (e.g. adding staff, extending hours) that result in a price increase will be processed via the credit card on file in full immediately upon confirmation. If the changes result in a price decrease, the cancellation policy as set forth in this agreement for those particular changes applies.

If our staff works overtime, the following fees apply per staff member for every started 30-minute period after the "end time" on your service agreement:

* bartenders (tip jar displayed): $25/30 minutes*

* bartenders (no tip jar): $35/30 minutes*

* servers / barbacks: $25/30 minutes*

By booking our services, you agree that the overtime rate will be automatically charged to your card on file if your card was saved. You have 48 hours after the charge has been applied to dispute any charges by emailing

*subject to a 5% processing fee


If the client chooses to book additional staff from third party if a tip jar is displayed at the event, therefore splitting the gratuity earned by more staff members, a fee of $15* per hour per bartender booked in this agreement (or added thereafter) will be charged for gratuity. *subject to a 5% processing fee

We want you and your guests to be safe so we have a few rules regarding alcohol. We reserve the right to:

  • Reduce the alcohol content served – we may pour less than standard quantities due to venue regulations and safety.

  • Ask identification from everyone visiting the bar. We will ID guests who look to be 25 years of age or younger unless previously otherwise discussed.

  • Temporarily and/or permanently refuse serving alcoholic beverages, thereby cutting guests off, or timing them out. 

Also, the last call must be made 1/2 hour prior to the event closing. We do not promote shots at the bar. We allow shots but try to keep this service to a minimum. We strictly adhere to your venue's house rules.



If your guest count exceeds the contracted count by more than 20% Barspirit may choose to add an additional fee to your invoice at its own discretion. This fee may be up to 100% of the total paid, depending on the circumstances, but will not exceed that amount.


Unlike most other catering companies, we do not automatically add gratuity to your estimate, unless otherwise noted. If you appreciate the work that our staff executed, we trust you will show your appreciation with a gratuity at the end of your event (whether a tip jar for the bartenders was present or not).
Please note that any gratuity included in your total fee is considered gratuity for the bar staff to replace a tip jar. This does not include any gratuity for any servers booked.


For any staff member working longer than 5 hours, a 30-minute break should be allotted and a meal should be provided by the event host. Breaks are considered paid breaks as the Barspirit staff will try to maintain service during that period.


The client is responsible for providing reasonably safe work conditions and is required to provide water and intermittent shaded breaks at hot weather and temperatures of 72°F or higher.
Weather conditions should be kept in mind and monitored by the client before and during the event. If the event is held outside, shade for the working area should be provided during the day and heaters should be placed around the working area at colder temperatures.



Parking shall be provided by the event host for all staff scheduled to work the event. If there is no free parking available, the event host is responsible for the reimbursement of parking fees (including, but not limited to a parking meter or parking lot fees).


The client agrees that Barspirit is not to be liable to the client for losses to the client's property or personal injury caused by criminal acts or entry by unauthorized or authorized persons into the premises. 

The client agrees that any and all losses occurred during the event duration that are caused directly or indirectly by the client and/or his or her guests or vendors shall be reimbursed to Barspirit and its representatives accordingly. This shall include, but is not limited to, personal belongings, money, including tips, and rented equipment.

Any outstanding balances (such as, but not limited to, overtime charges or parking fees) are to be paid within 48 hours of the event date. For any open charges due past that time, we will charge a bi-weekly convenience fee of $20 until either the invoice is fully paid or the invoice will be forwarded to a collection agency. Barspirit reserves the right to attempt charging the card of file for any undisputed outstanding balance at any time.

Any additional requests (such as a certain attire or additional tasks) may be subject to availability and additional fees.



If any additional services are booked after the signing of this agreement Barspirit will add those agreed-upon services to your invoice. No additional signature will be required. The invoice will be updated automatically and it may be viewed at any given time by following the link in the first email invoice received (for the security deposit). If you find charges that you did not consent to, you may challenge these charges up to 24 hours before the due date of those specific charges. Please note that this does not apply to the security deposit and balance payment agreed upon.



The security deposit is not refundable for cancellations or rescheduling of any kind. The deposit is to reserve the client’s set date for Event Staffing Services. In the event of cancellation, Barspirit will gladly negotiate a new date if available, but the total amount of payment will be reset. Cancellations made up to 30 days prior to the event date are non-punitive and any security deposit paid will be credited 100% for any future booking with Barspirit. For cancellations or rescheduling less than 30 days prior to the event, Barspirit may choose to retain up to 100% of payments made for that particular booking, including, but not limited to, any security deposits, balance payments, or additional payments made. Cancellations of add-ons only, while retaining the rest of the service, such as, for example, ice delivery, are non-punitive until up to 8 days before the event and the cost of the removed service will be credited on your balance payment. For any cancellations on shorter notice, Barspirit may choose to retain 100% of the amount paid.


The venue or property the event is being held at is properly licensed to allow the consumption and service of alcoholic beverages. At no time during service are alcoholic beverages allowed to be sold; only tips will be accepted. Any fine or penalty that emerges during the event is under the responsibility of the client and/or venue. All Bartenders with Barspirit are T.I.P.S. (Training for Intervention Procedures) trained.

Except with respect to payment obligations under this Agreement, no party shall be liable for, nor shall such party be considered in breach of this Agreement due to, any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement as a result of a cause beyond its control, including any act of God or a public enemy or terrorist, an act of any military, civil or regulatory authority, change in any law or regulation, fire, flood, earthquake, storm or other like event, disruption or outage of communications, power or other utility, labor problem, unavailability of supplies, or any other cause, whether similar or dissimilar to any of the foregoing, which could not have been prevented by such party with reasonable care (each, a "Force Majeure Event"). Within 24 hours of the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event, the affected party shall notify the other party of the occurrence by sending either (i) an e-mail message, or (ii) a fax message, to the other party. In addition, the affected party shall provide to the other party within seven (7) days of determining the cause of the Force Majeure Event a written explanation concerning the circumstances that caused the Force Majeure Event.



Any discount codes are limited to 1 per customer unless otherwise agreed upon. Discount codes can only be applied for new bookings and cannot be used for already booked events (signed service agreement).



By using our shopping service, you agree to the Additional Terms of Service for Shopping Service.


If you require your staff to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test please let us know at the time of confirming your booking or 4 weeks before your event, at the latest. Additional fees may apply in order to reimburse your staff for the time and the cost of the test if there are no free tests available. All staff is instructed to wear masks at all times.

By completing a booking through our online services, you agree to the above-mentioned services provided along with our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.





Last Edit: 5/2/2021

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