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How does our shopping service work?

Barspirit's bar services are different from what you would normally know from a catering service. And here's why:

We do not charge a per person fee for catering the ingredients for your bar. We charge a flat fee of $99 for picking up your items and delivering them on the day-of. It doesn't matter whether you would like for us to just pick up the cups and garnishes or if we bring the entire bar inventory - you pay the same fee. That way you are guaranteed to save in the long run as you pay only for what you will need and no extra, arbitrary fees.

Here are the steps for our shopping services:

1) Complete your booking with us (sign your service agreement and pay your deposit).

2) We will help you create an awesome bar menu with any signature drinks you like.

3) We will create a shopping list on our end for everything needed.

4) We will send you an estimate of the cost. This way you are always in full control of the budget and we can adjust brands / amounts to be purchased at any time.

5) Upon payment, we will purchase everything on that list for you.

6) We will bring all the items agreed upon to your event, set up, and start serving!

That's how easy it is! And thanks to our complex algorithms and years of experience we can minimize any leftovers!

*For our shopping services, additional terms and conditions apply, which can be viewed here. If you choose to book our shopping services you agree to the additional terms and conditions listed.

Buyback Terms and Restrictions apply. 

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