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How to Choose the Best Bartender for Your Chinese New Year's Party

Planning a memorable Chinese New Year's Party involves numerous details, from selecting the perfect venue to curating an enticing menu. However, one often underestimated aspect that can elevate your event is hiring the right bartender. A skilled bartender not only mixes delicious cocktails but also adds an element of entertainment and flair to your gathering. This guide will explore the essential steps to help you choose the best bartender for your party.

Table of Contents

  1. Why a Bartender Matters

  2. Determining Your Bartender Needs

    • Party Size and Duration
    • Beverage Preferences
    • Budget Constraints

  3. Seeking Recommendations

  4. Online Research

    • Professional Websites
    • Social Media Profiles

  5. Checking Reviews about Bartenders

    • Experience and Expertise
    • Signature Cocktails
    • Availability and Flexibility

  6. Checking References

  7. Tasting Sessions

  8. Licensing and Insurance

  9. Cost Transparency

  10. Contracts and Agreements

  11. Setup and Cleanup Responsibilities

  12. Customization Options

  13. Communication and Coordination

  14. Backup Plan

  15. Feedback and Reviews

Why a Bartender Matters

Imagine this: You are hosting a party, and everyone is having a great time. You have got fantastic food, lively music, and a beautiful setting. But what can take your party from great to unforgettable? It is the bartender!

A bartender is like a magician at your party. They don’t just pour drinks; they create an experience. They craft delicious cocktails, entertain your guests, and make sure everyone is having a blast. So, let us dive into how to find the perfect bartender to make your party shine.


Determining Your Bartender Needs

  • Party Size and Duration

  • Okay, let us talk numbers. How many people are coming to your party, and how long will it last? If you are throwing a huge bash, you might need more than one bartender to make sure everyone gets their drinks on time. But for a smaller gathering, one bartender might do the trick. On average, you need about 1 bartender per 75 guests. However, if you’re having a lot of signature cocktails, 1 bartender per 50 guests will ensure no lines.

  • Beverage Preferences

  • Now, what kind of drinks do you want at your party? Some bartenders are masters of classic cocktails, like mojitos and martinis. Others are creative wizards who can whip up custom drinks based on your party's theme. Knowing what you and your guests prefer will help you find the right bartender.

  • Budget Constraints

  • Money matters, right? Set a budget for your bartender. Bartending services can cost different amounts, so having a budget helps you narrow down your choices.

Seeking Recommendations

Getting advice from people you trust is a smart move. Ask your friends, family, or your parents' colleagues if they know any great bartenders. Personal recommendations often lead you to talented and reliable folks.

Online Research

  • Professional Websites

  • In today's world, pros have websites. Check out bartenders online. If they have a professional website, it shows they take their job seriously.

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Peek at their social media profiles, too. This can give you a sense of their style and personality. Do they match the vibe you want at your party?

Checking Reviews about Bartenders

  • Experience and Expertise

  • It is time to chat with potential bartenders. Ask about their experience. A bartender with years of practice is like a seasoned chef in the kitchen – they know how to handle all kinds of situations and cater to different tastes. Check reviews from sites like Yelp, GigSalad, TheKnot, TheBash, Thumbtack, and others..

  • Signature Cocktails

  • Ever heard of signature cocktails? These are drinks that bartenders create and are known for. Ask about theirs. A bartender with a unique flair can add an exciting touch to your Chinese New Year's Party.

  • Availability and Flexibility

  • Make sure they are free on the day of your party. Discuss any particular themes or requests you have in mind. Flexibility is a plus!

Checking References

It is like checking someone's report card. Ask for references from people who have hired the bartender before. Talking to past clients can give you the inside scoop on their professionalism and skills.


Licensing and Insurance

Safety first! Ensure the bartender has the right licenses and insurance to serve alcohol at your party. This keeps things legal and safe. Visit our FAQ section here for specific info about this!

Cost Transparency

Money talk! Ask for a detailed breakdown of costs. This includes hourly rates, extra charges, and any potential add-ons. Knowing all the costs upfront avoids surprises later. Use our free alcohol calculator here to get a free quote!

Contracts and Agreements

Always put it in writing. Have a contract that spells out everything – payment schedules, who is responsible for what, and what happens if you need to cancel.

Setup and Cleanup Responsibilities

Who is going to set up the bar and clean it up afterward? Make this clear from the start so there are no last-minute surprises. At Barspirit, set up and breakdown is always included!

Customization Options

Want special drinks that match your party's theme? Talk to the bartender about customization options. They can create drinks that fit perfectly with your event.

Communication and Coordination

Stay in touch! Keep talking to your chosen bartender as the party approaches. Make sure they know about any changes or special requests.

Backup Plan

Sometimes, things go differently than planned. Have a backup plan in case the chosen bartender cannot make it to your event. It is like having a spare tire in case of a flat. At Barspirit, we have backup bartenders on stand-by just in case.

Feedback and Reviews

After your party, give feedback to the bartender. Consider leaving a review on their website or social media profiles. This helps others make smart choices.

In conclusion, picking the best bartender for your party takes time and thought. But it is worth it! A talented bartender can turn your gathering into an unforgettable experience. So, follow these steps, and you will raise a glass to a fantastic event with the perfect bartender by your side.

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  1. How much does it cost to hire a bartender for my Chinese New Year's Party?

  2. On average, most people spend about $175-$225 for a bartender. Bartending costs vary based on party size, duration, location, and the bartender's experience. Ask potential bartenders for quotes to match your budget.

  3. Should I provide the alcohol or expect the bartender to bring it?

  4. It depends on the bartender's terms. Some include alcohol, while others require you to supply it. Discuss this during your initial talks. At Barspirit, we offer both - get a quote here and select the “shopping service” if you want us to bring everything!

  5. How many bartenders do I need for my party?

  6. For big events, consider having multiple bartenders to ensure quick service. Smaller gatherings may do well with just one.

  7. Can a bartender create custom cocktails for my party?

  8. Absolutely! Many bartenders love crafting custom drinks to match your theme or your guests' tastes. Discuss this when hiring.

  9. What should I do if the chosen bartender can't make it to my event?

  10. Have a backup plan in case of emergencies. Ensure the bartender can provide a suitable replacement if needed, and communicate this in advance.

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