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Bartenders for Nonprofit Event: Hiring Professional Mixologists

Planning a party or an event is like putting together a giant puzzle. Every piece must fit just right to make it fun and memorable. One of those essential puzzle pieces is the bartender! But they are not just people who pour drinks; they are magical drink makers who can make your event extra awesome. In this article, we will learn all about bartenders for events, why they are so cool, and how they can make your party rock!

Why Hire Bartenders for your Nonprofit Event?

Well, there are some pretty cool reasons:

They are Drink Wizards

Bartenders are not just regular folks pouring drinks; they are like wizards who can make all sorts of incredible and tasty beverages. From menu creation to execution, bartenders should know how to make the classics, the moderns, and everything in between while accommodating your and your guests’ taste buds.

Friendly Service

The bar is usually a hotspot on any Nonprofit Event. Besides you, bartenders will talk to your guests the most at any event. They ensure that everyone feels welcome and has a great time.

Keeping Everyone Safe

You know how safety is important, right? Bartenders know all about that, too. They ensure no one drinks too much and everyone stays safe. Bartenders should be trained in TIPS - Training for Intervention ProcedureS, a.k.a. knowing when to give uncle Steven a few “water shots”.

Where Do Bartenders Shine?

Bartenders will make any event better, but they shine the most at these places:

  • Weddings: They can make your special day even exclusive with fancy drinks.

  • Business Parties: Impress your boss and co-workers with fancy cocktails that have your company's name written all over them!

  • Private Parties: Whether it is your birthday or a fun get-together, bartenders can turn it into a mega-fun party with fantastic drinks.

  • Nonprofit Events: Whether your Nonprofit Event will be somewhat casual or if you’re going all out, the right bartender will ensure that your experience will be a success.


The Magic of Mixology

Having a bartender at your event means you get some special benefits:

  • Unique Drinks: Bartenders can make drinks that no one has ever tried before, and they can match the drinks to your party theme.

  • Unforgettable Moments: Guests will talk about the amazing drinks long after your event.

  • Fancy and Fun: Bartenders make drinks look and taste super fancy. It is like getting a taste of luxury!

How to Choose the Right Bartender for your Nonprofit Event

Here is what to consider when picking the right bartender:

  • Experience: Find bartenders who have done lots of parties like yours before. They will know how to make your Nonprofit Event amazing. At Barspirit, we’ve done tons of Nonprofit Events and we would be honored to serve at yours!

  • Licenses and Safety: Make sure they have the right permits to serve drinks and insurance to keep everyone safe. If you’re hiring a bartending company, make sure that all of their staff serving alcohol have a RBS license and that the company has a general and liquor liability insurance.

  • Ask for Reviews: Check reviews from other people who hired the bartender on sites like Yelp, GigSalad, TheKnot, TheBash, Thumbtack, and others to see if they are good. Googling them can also bring up good results. If lots of people say they are great, they probably are!

  • Get a Contract: A contract will protect you in case something happens. It is always helpful to create a contract to have everything in writing, instead of just relying on an “I’ll be there” and “it’ll be fine” or “that surely won’t happen”.

Being Cool in Tough Times

Sometimes, things go differently than planned. But that is okay because bartenders know what to do:

  • Crowd Control: If there is a big rush at the bar, bartenders stay calm and make sure everyone gets their drinks without any problems.

  • Dealing with Tough Guests: Sometimes, people can get upset or angry. Bartenders know how to handle tricky situations and keep the party going smoothly.

Setting Up the Bar

The bar serves a great function during your Nonprofit Event, so here are some tips in order to make sure everything runs smoothly:

  • Layout Plans: Make sure the bar area is set up so everyone can quickly get their drinks without waiting too long. If you have a lot of guests, it may be wise to have 2 bar stations in order to divert people.

  • Tools and Stuff: To make the drinks, bartenders need special tools like shakers, strainers, and glasses. Make sure they have everything they need. Most bartenders should bring their own kit that includes their mixing gear.

  • Cool Decor: Adding decorations around the bar area can make it look extra awesome and fit your party's theme.

A bartender will be able to set up their own bar area, so all you have to do is leave anything bar related by the bar (alcohol, mixers, garnishes, beer, wine, etc.) and they will set everything up the way they are trained to do.


Talking to Your Bartender

Here is what to chat about:

  • Drink Ideas: Tell them what drinks you want at your event. They can come up with some super cool drink ideas and create a menu for you.

  • Shopping List: Ask your bartender for a shopping list of items you will need to get. They should have the experience necessary to create a list for you. Also, feel free to take a look at our free alcohol calculator for guidance!

  • When to Serve: Let them know when you want the bar to open and close. You want your guests to have drinks when they are ready for them.

Money Matters

You must understand the factors that affect the cost of hiring a bartender:

  • Event Size: You might need more bartenders if you have a big event with many guests. We usually recommend 1 bartender for every 75 guests.

  • Drink Complexity: Complex drinks with many ingredients might cost more than simple ones. Use our free alcohol calculator here to get a rough estimate!

  • Party Time: The longer the party, the more you might need to pay for the bartender's time. Usually, bartenders charge by the hour and the average cost for a bartender is about $35 - $50 per hour.


So, hiring a bartender for your event can make it even more fun and memorable! They can mix cool drinks, keep things safe, and make your party rock. Pick the right bartender, set up the bar area nicely, and chat with them about your favorite drinks. Then, sit back, relax, and have a blast at your awesome event!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. When should I book a bartender for my Nonprofit Event?
    It is a good idea to book a bartender at least a couple of months before your event. This way, you have enough time to plan everything together.

  2. Can I provide my own drinks for the event?
    You can discuss this with the bartender. Some events allow you to bring your drinks, while others prefer to provide everything for you. It depends on your party's needs and the rules of the bartender.

  3. What licenses should bartenders have?
    Bartenders should have the right licenses to serve drinks legally. It is essential to make sure they follow the rules. Also, they should have insurance to keep everyone safe. The absolute minimum requirements are a $1m general and liquor liability insurance policy and an RBS license.

  4. How do I know if a bartender is good for my event?
    Check out reviews and what other people say about the bartender. If they have many happy customers, that is a good sign that they are a great choice.

  5. How do bartenders deal with problems at the bar?
    Bartenders are experts at keeping things calm and smooth. They know how to improve everything if there is a problem, like a big crowd or a tricky situation.

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