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Bartender to Hire for Your Bat Mitzvah: A Guide to a Smooth Sip

Having a bartender at your Bat Mitzvah can be a great idea to make your party even more awesome! In this guide, we will explore all about bartender to hire so that you can have the best Bat Mitzvah ever.

Why Hire a Bartender?

  • Drink Experts: Bartenders are like magicians who can make the yummiest drinks. They know all the secrets to making tasty cocktails that your guests will love.

  • Fast Service: They keep everything super organized at the bar, so your guests get their drinks quickly, and no one has to wait in long lines.

  • Happy Guests: Bartenders can suggest and make special drinks just for your guests, making everyone feel significant and happy.

  • Fancy Touch: Having a bartender adds a touch of class to your event, making it feel even more special.

What to Look for in a Bartender?

  • Experience: Look for bartenders who have worked at parties like yours before. They will know exactly what to do.

  • Friendly Nature: It is nice when bartenders are friendly and make your guests feel comfortable.

  • Drink Skills: Good bartenders know how to make all kinds of drinks, from classics to new favorites.

  • Adaptability: Things can be a bit crazy at your Bat Mitzvah, so it is great if your bartender can handle surprises and changes with a smile.


Where to Find a Bartender for Hire

  • Event Staffing Agencies: These special agencies are like matchmakers for finding bartenders and other party helpers.

  • Online Platforms: The internet has websites and apps where you can find freelance bartenders who are ready to make your party awesome. Some of these platforms include GigSalad, TheKnot, TheBash, Thumbtack, and others.

  • Local Bartending Schools: Sometimes, graduates of these schools are excited to get real-world experience at events like yours. This option is only viable if you’re okay with less experienced bartenders.

Interviewing Bartenders

  • Experience and References: Ask bartenders about their past parties and if they have people who can say they did a great job.

  • Availability: Make sure they can work on the day of your event.

  • Special Drinks: If you have a cool theme or special drinks in mind, ask if they can make them.

  • Price and Agreement: Talk about how much they charge and ensure everything is written down so there are no surprises later.

Setting Up a Bartending Event

  • Bar Setup: Plan how the bar area will look and ensure it has all the stuff bartenders need.

  • Drink Menu: Decide what drinks you want at your party, considering what your guests will like. Barspirit can help you create a fantastic bar menu that will excite your guests.

  • Getting Supplies: Buy all the drinks, mixers, and other things you need well beforehand. Use our free alcohol calculator here to find out how much you need!

Bartender Rates and Contracts

  • Hourly Pay: Bartenders usually get paid by the hour, and the cost can change based on experience and where you are. Typically, you will see rates ranging from $35 - $75 per hour.

  • Deposit and Payment: Determine how much you need to pay upfront and when the rest must be paid. Make sure it is written down so everyone knows what is what.

Bartender's Job During the Bat Mitzvah

  • Welcome Drinks: Bartenders are the first people your guests meet, and they serve welcome drinks with a smile.

  • Making Drinks: They are like drink chefs, making all sorts of drinks and making them look cool.

  • Entertaining your Guests: The bar will be the place to be during your event with our bartenders. A bartender’s job is to make drinks and keep a great energy by the bar.

  • Keeping Things Safe: Bartenders ensure people do not drink too much and look for everyone's safety.


Bartending Equipment and Supplies

  • Tools of the Trade: Bartenders use special tools like shakers, jiggers, and strainers to make drinks just right. All of Barspirit’s bartenders will come equipped with a full bar kit.

  • Getting Ready: They need plenty of ice, garnishes, and mixers to make drinks fast. All of this will be included in your free shopping list or, if you opt for our shopping service, brought by our staff.

Keeping Things Safe with Alcohol

  • Checking IDs: Bartenders check IDs to make sure nobody too young is getting drinks.

  • Saying No: If someone has had enough to drink, bartenders know when to say no to more.

Special Requests and Dietary Needs

  • Allergies and Preferences: Let the bartender know if anyone has allergies or special food needs.

  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Make sure there are yummy drinks for guests who do not want alcohol.

Dealing with Bartending Emergencies

  • Spills and Accidents: Sometimes, things spill or break. Bartenders should clean up quickly and quietly.

  • Equipment Problems: Our staff has backup equipment ready in case something stops working or breaks.

Cleaning Up After the Bat Mitzvah

  • Checking Supplies: Go through what is left of the drinks and supplies.

  • Tipping: You can give a little extra money as a thank-you for a job well done.


Hiring a bartender can make your Bat Mitzvah extra special. With the right bartender, your guests will enjoy tasty drinks, and you can relax and have a fantastic time. Cheers to a super fun event!

Get the best Bartenders to Hire for your next Bat Mitzvah

FAQs About Hiring a Bartender

  1. How soon should I hire a bartender for my party?
    It is a good idea to book a bartender at least 2-3 months before your Bat Mitzvah. This way, you can be sure to get the one you want.

  2. Can I provide my own alcohol for the party, or should I use the bartender's drinks?
    You can use your own alcohol if you want but talk to your bartender about it to make sure they can work with what you have.

  3. What if someone at the party drinks too much and gets loud or messy?
    Bartenders are trained to handle this. You can also have a plan, like a sober friend or a ride home, to take care of guests who have had too much.

  4. Are there any hidden costs when hiring a bartender?
    Make sure to talk about all the costs upfront, like travel fees or extra hours, so you know what to expect.

  5. Can a bartender make special drinks that fit my party's theme?
    Absolutely! Many bartenders are eager to embrace your Bat Mitzvah's theme and craft signature cocktails that align with it. Feel free to communicate your vision and preferences during initial discussions with the bartender. Their creativity can add a unique and memorable touch to your event.

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